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Online Shopping In India

In the world of today’s crowded e-commerce we are hardly able to distinguish between online shopping sites in india which are really worth buying from as it is not that easy to buy from a particular online shopping site which is offering lowest price in the market. There is lots of online shopping website in the Indian market which has different offerings for a customer to buy from it. Lots of websites are me too kind of a site which hardly has any differentiator in their offerings to the end consumer.
The various qualities which an appreciable e-commerce site should have are as follows:
  • 1. Quality and branded products.
  • 2. Range of brands.
  • 3. Better than the market price.
  • 4. Quick delivery.
  • 5. Good customer support service.
  • 6. Easy to understand.
  • 7. Ease of buying.
  • 8. Daily discount offers.
  • is a Online Shopping cum Auction website which has come up with all these qualities and it has got a unique e-commerce model which is a very disruptive model in the e-commerce online shopping space. works on the auction based model which helps the consumer to buy latest and branded products at upto 95% discount of the market price of the same product. It hosts auctions of latest branded products sought by everyone. This model helps the consumer to participate in the auction for the desired product and buy those products through online bidding. In these online auctions the winner is the person who bids last and not the bidder who bids the most. This helps in giving a fair chance to all the participants of a particular auction. This format has the option to bid for products and if the participant does not win then they can buy the product at Dealite price which is almost cheaper than most of the e-commerce sites and they will get full discount of the bids (free bids and used paid bids) used in that particular auction. Dealite has a feature called auto-bidding which helps the user to participate in the auctions even when they are not around the computer system to bid on their desired products. This Auto bid feature helps in placing the bids in the last few seconds of the timer helping the bidder to be the last bidder. The bidder can use both the auto bid and the manual bid feature together while playing any auction. When someone places a bid in the auction, the price of the product increases by one rupee. The bidder has to be the last bidder to be the winner. It is a game of skill and patience to win the auctions. This site also offers online shopping of online mobile recharge and DTH recharge coupons to be won at the auction.
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    Dealite is an exciting auction site that offers auctions, deals and discounts on the best brands and gadgets, lifestyle products and accessories, home and kitchen appliances and more. Dealite brings you exclusive auctions and unbeatable deals. Auctions on Dealite are safe and secure. Participate in our daily auctions, bid and win your favorite products at up to 99% discounted prices. Get discounts unmatched by any other online shopping site.
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